Super Americans

I’m starting to realize there’s a difference between having an interest in history and an interest in really old stuff. Rarely does the really old stuff tell us much about why its creators were important. We think it’s going to, but then we get there and it doesn’t. So we take pictures and we

What an interesting thread. I want to explain but it's going to be really hard.

Please note that English is not my native language and that I'm doing the best I can to explain. If you don't understand it's all your error because you can't speak proper Dutch. 😆

Of course a guest should act like one. It's to bad you didn't know that. Very common in the us, but not my point. People have crazy habits all over the world, why should you be any different? (humm, that's not my point either)

You say you only see a pile of rocks. And that it means nothing to you. Now ask yourself to what extend you've tried to find out what it means? I think you are unaware that you could learn this?

Notice how they didn't fail to explain their views in your language. You just didn't know there was anything to feel about it. The meaning of the Parthenon rock pile is in peoples heads. I'm sure your skull isn't to thick to understand that. I just know you can get your head all the way around this. 🙂

Now, do you seriously think anyone could explain about what is dear to him to a charlatan? It successfully prevented you from getting an answer to the question you didn't know existed.

But you didn't leave it to that, in stead they should learn from you how it's one big pile of nothing. They should accept your ignorant view about their monument before you even try to understand theirs. Now that means you didn't show the least interest in the actual thing you was visiting. Which obviously made it a waist of your visit. You just wouldn't find out behaving that way.

In stead of adding some color to the canvas of your life you try to remove it from others. I'm sorry to say it makes you the pile of rocks.

I even understand that you just wanted to dance. It was funny but it wasn't worth insulting anyone. Why do you think the Japanese guy walked away the moment you got disrespectful?

If you look at the amount of text here, you can understand why they just let you go. It's almost impossible to explain. And very unlikely that you understand. Then again this reply is all that you gained from the trip.(haha) And yes I know I've waisted my time buy hey,

I probably suck to much at this language of yours, or it's the language it self I don't know. At least I tried right?

Look how you even complain about getting attention for being an American. We all speak English because we want to know what people think. Americans on the other hand don't show the least of interest in what anyone thinks. Respect is pretty foreign. At least this should explain why US-europeans are better people as Euroamericans. *ads pun*

To put it quantum mechanically, try to observe something without disturbing it or you wont get to see it.

2 Responses to “Super Americans”

  1. pinestone Says:

    You are either believing too much in the media, or have met some really stupid Americians. The people that run this country are not the same as the majority of the ones who live and work here every day.
    A great percentage of our people are arrogant and ignorant, I agree.
    However, there are a greater number of people here who are concerned about the rest of the world and the diversity of life everywhere.
    We are in a unique environment compared with most cultures. Our entire continent is populated with one kind of culture (mostly)- American.
    Even the Canadians are a lot like us, but their population is quite small compared with the rest of the North Americans and most Americans don’t even think about their existence.
    We are isolationists, and history is littered with examples of us trying to keep other cultures from coming here. For some reason, many from other lands want to live here.
    True freedom is dead, and the American dream has become a nightmare for most.
    Personally, I’d like to live in Holland and someday I will. I have some friends that have moved there, and they seem to be happier than when they lived here.

  2. gaby Says:

    We are all projections of our culture, it’s fascinating how it works. It’s not a race. We cant really tell if one culture is better as another. There is to much history and to much future involved. Who knows, maybe slavery or a dictatorship was our best option?

    When I wrote the above I was only beginning to become aware of the real powers of the US media propaganda machine. I had the false impression people still had free will to be what they want to be. Now I understand that what we see makes what we want to be. We see long before we pick before we become. With lies upon lies I cant blame the spectator for getting the wrong idea.

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