unified apocalyptic theory

It’s far worse, people are not fools, they are sheep. The most important subjects can not even be discussed. I’m not even sure if I can myself.

Lets make the really… really…. really….. long story short…..

Only a huge invention can steer our titanic around the iceberg we are heading towards. Mankind desperately needs some incredibly efficient power source.

I don’t want to talk about theater wars, over population, global diseases, the dollar going kaput, oil running out etc wtc etc.

Second of all it’s much to upsetting and First of all it all boils down to the same thing.

Do you think we can live on this planet with 50 000 000 000 without any industry? What kind of life expectancy do the survivors have in a world of corpses? Would you want to live in that place?

I present to you the unified apocalyptic theory

First of all, we are perfectly happy it’s all going to end, it was all planed this way by ourselves.

The theory prescribes it’s better to list previous civilisations and the disasters they didn’t survive. As it is to look for an actual solution. We cant argue with the planning of our fellow man.

When we argue there is so much historical events of hightech civilizations doing the self-destructo-polonaise we have evident prove self destruction is inevitable on our side.

People who argue it isn’t so are to be made fun of. They cant come up with a shred of proof.

This makes the UAT teh supreme theory.

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2 Responses to “unified apocalyptic theory”

  1. pinestone Says:

    Not only do I agree with you, Gaby
    but I think the apocalyptic event is necessary to insure the continuation of our species.
    Any area of the world that is overpopulated by any type of animal or vegetable will suffer from supply problems.
    For example, in my area the deer population is held in balance by the ability of the local environment to sustain them. When there isn’t enough food, they die. It’s a natural event that allows the strongest and best suited animals to prevail.
    If we interfere by feeding them, we actually begin to erode their strength by making them dependent on us.

    Same with the planet. The stronger and more cunning will survive. The weak and stupid should perish. This assures the strength of the species.

    It’s just nature doing her job.

  2. Tacitus Says:

    Tacitus says : I absolutely agree with this !

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