The technozombie invasion

RE: How Technology is Compromising the Human Condition
(How Technology Is Turning Us Into Zombies)

This happens every time.

When reading and writing was introduced kids stopped looking to the elderly for wisdom and the elderly stopped looking to provide it. When enough reading and writing was done people gave up on language design, language stopped evolving rapidly.

I’d go as far as to say that towns and cities no longer needed their own intelligent people to ponder life and inspire action. It all happened increasingly far away.

Radio was a similar milestone, now the songs of each town could be forgotten in favor of screaming boxes. The people use to make music themselves before the radio took over.

Television, this device had people sink into a thoughtless coma. There was a time when the majority would watch TV when they woke up and get back to it when they got home again. Kids no longer looked to their parents  for wisdom and parents stopped providing it.

Computers, the web and the mobile web are highly similar events. Most notably in that all of the above were introduced as a revolution in information access. That is the only sad part about it: We didn’t govern the process of adoption to be that beautiful thing it could have been.

Not sure where to put it but even drugs could go on the list, drugs can give enlightenment, ease pain and give you a fresh view on life. No need to agree necessarily, we can still agree what happens when consumption becomes an uncontrolled process.

Food can be educative and nurturing until one starts stuffing random things in uncontrolled amounts. The steam engine, cars and planes each made great contributions to society but if one never gets any exercise one slowly withers away, the convenience kills us collectively.

I’d go as far as to say that not countries but time no longer needs its own intelligent people pondering life and inspiring action. The dead wrote “all” of these things down for us, they build this civilization we ended up living in. It is not ours, we are disqualified from tinkering with it. We might desire to and put effort in it, the masses will just move on to the next stage of unisex assimilation.

Perhaps the best we may hope for is for nature to do her thing and create compatible sub species. We seem well on our ways. The zombies are many and they hunger but they are slow and unsophisticated, they wont necessarily succeed eating our brains.

Maybe we should just laugh about it.


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