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Important vs entertaining

April 21, 2016

For an ideology embracing the infinite growth neolib did a great job destroying everything that produces growth. This with the notable exception of things that take less than 3 months.

For growth on the longer term 1) we need more not less trained people, we need people to have free time to ponder innovation, we need people to finance their ideas and people need to be able to afford buildings where these new industries can happen. 2) we need companies to invest in innovation rather than give everything to investors and you cant drive up the stocks by closing R&D down – if you want growth. 3) we need mature media enabling [now enlightened] people to ponder the real problems so that they can fix them with new products, methods and new technologies. 4) And finally, we need to get money out of the human activities where it contributes destructively rather than constructively as well as the other way around. Have 4 categories: where finance is toxic, where it is beneficial and trials of both kinds so that we can do scientific side by side comparison.

Our survival currently depends on other peoples greed. You can portray greed as something more poetic and lovable than empathy and collectivism but end of the day it is a madly unstable formula. Greed might be eternal – human labor is not essential. We kill people every day by replacing them with machines. The dead are not innovative and the suffering are not innovative in the global industrial context.

I don’t know to what extend a basic income will fix this but it will go a long way teaching people that the business they work for is not their mum. People have to want their share of the insane wealth we’ve created over the last 100 years – they have to want their share or they must perish. There is no alternative. Wealth is not the problem, maturity is. Much like every historic advanced civilization we are at the “grow up or die” stage of development.

Think of it as a list of priorities with just 2 items on it: That what is important and that what is entertaining. We all have to decide for ourselves which to prioritize.