Global government using scopes (as in programming)

In programming languages there is something called a scope. If we are to develop a system to organize our world we could use that. It would be a single world government but it would barely have any functionality. Inside its scope there would be separate entities that would be highly similar. Their usefulness would extend little beyond having a convenient name that tries to describe its functionality. Eventually, deep inside the nesting doll there would be tiny heavily localized components that perform tasks (lets call those A). These would be wrapped into a kind of almost-powerless oversight committees that are much like even smaller components contained in A. Besides from very very limited oversight their main purpose is to facilitate communication between that what is contained therein and its outer scope.

For example: you would have a local police station that is funded by the people living in the area, hires people living in the area and people in the area would own it like one would own a business. Activities and statistics are communicated to a centralized organization wrapping all the police stations in the region. The oversight power could be to shut down and start a new police station from scratch when its data is inconsistent with other stations. The oversight in turn would be wrapped in a similar scope that can shut it down and have it replaced from scratch.

Citizens can, at any time, chance their opinion about any such government organization. If enough people in the region are dissatisfied with a component the shut down and reboot mechanism is automatically triggered.  Salaries are cut off, no pensions or golden hand shakes will be paid access codes and badge numbers will be rendered invalid. A sufficient pool of replacements should be trained in advance using public funds so that we can instantly start the job interviews and hire new employees. A small number of former employees will train their replacements where necessary. If they refuse to we put them in prison. A trial will follow to check if any crime was committed beyond public dissatisfaction. If people didn’t do the job they were paid for their savings and property will be seized.

We should balance financial incentive with the harshness of the punishments and decide on this as local as possible. Working for government should be as risky as it is rewarding.

Failure to replace the governing entities below when statistics suggest it or replacing entities below without the desired stats should have entities above replace that entity. It could very well be that a small incompetent police office triggers a replace chain reaction all the way to the top of the international hierarchy.

If your job is to fire groups of poorly functioning people and you fail that job you and all of your coworkers will be fired, either though data or though public rating.

To extend the idea a bit…

All job interviews are recorded and made public. Additional interviews with previous employers will be recorded similarly. There should be a full medical examination, an IQ, memory and a state of the art empathy test. All made public.

If the results are undesirable or below standards funds are assigned to train future replacements. If people don’t want to take the course at a discount or for free we will pay them to do it. If there are still insufficient trained people who want the job we should increase the base salary and offer a temporary bonus until the pool is large enough.


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